I have a problem.

27 Nov

Yes, I have a problem, folks.  In the greater scheme of things, it’s not a big problem- some people would even say it’s NOT a problem, but it’s a part of my daily life, all the same.  And what is this problem, you might ask?  I love to bake.  I know, Earth-shaking, right?

The problem isn’t so much the baking itself- that’s kind of cathartic, actually!  The issue lies in what to DO with all of those baked goodies when I’m done.  Obviously, I can’t keep them all at home.  Aside from the fact that I’d need to be rolled to and from the kitchen in under a year, my family just isn’t up to the task of powering through mass quantities of muffins before they lose their shine, and my freezer can only hold so much.  Add to that the fact that my family just won’t eat some of my favorite baked treats (seriously, who doesn’t like baked fruit or peanut butter- they may be pod people), and I find myself constantly in search of new places to distribute my baked creations.

Many, MANY banana muffins have gone to school, work, friends, and neighbors.  (On a side note, does anyone else here find themselves fighting the banana battle?  On weeks when I just buy a few bananas, the kids fight for them like they’re the last Wii on Black Friday, but if I anticipate and buy in bulk, you’d think they were brussel sprouts…)  My husband’s job involves working with a constantly rotating batch of soldiers, so lots of muffins, bars, and cookies have gone out to the troops, which is kind of gratifying.  Still, I have to wonder when I’m going to see a look of dread in someone’s eyes when they see me approaching with yet ANOTHER tray of muffins.  After all, even good things have their limits, don’t they?

As I wait for the day that I will hear the inevitable, “what, MORE muffins???”, I wonder if it’s worth it.  Can I really justify all of this baking?  Am I imposing on others by pushing muffins, cakes, and cookies to feed my baking addiction?  Am I “killing them with sweets,” as a friend’s neighbor once accused her when she brought over a neighborly plate of treats?  I know that I can’t stop (my rapidly growing Recipes board on Pinterest is evidence enough of the baking bug at work), so how can I turn my fattening hobby in a productive direction?

Well, after much thought, I found a solution: a blog!  I love being able to find recipes and tutorials online, and I love to share my work both online and in real life, so this should (hopefully) be a match made in Heaven.  Tune in here for a selection of my favorite recipes, as well as some fun sewing and crafting tutorials to let all of the creative juices flow.  We’ll also periodically have recipe and tutorial link parties where everyone can share their favorites, and I’ve set up a Flickr group and a Pinterest board (post your Pinterest name in the comments below, and I’ll give you access to post) where we can all share pictures of our finished creations and our latest recipe discoveries!

Happy reading, and please come see us again soon!

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